Sunday, 8 July 2007

I have done it again. It was Mrs B birthday recently and so we had a quiet night in with a few friends.

It was a work night.

We drank (I don't know how many but at least) 8 bottle between 5 of us and ended up playing a stupid board game which revealed that I am a gossip, my mate was not enjoying himself (he left shortly afterwards) one of our guests had a thing about her bum etc. It was all bit bit out of hand really.

The next day at work was bad.

I was mildly hung over having stuck to one kind of alcohol, but I did feel rough.

I fessed up to one of my colleagues and she told me that "Well you do look shit" (she calls a spade a spade), would you like me to put some blusher on you to help?" She was not joking and in fact was reaching for her bag!!

I looked at her moderately made-up face and noticed that the slap she was wearing was not the glittery kind - Was I wavering?

"No thanks", I replied, "my make-up days are long gone"

Chew on that.



Hmm. You seem to be an even more infrequent blogger than I am. Have you stopped entirely, or is this just a very long break indeed? I'm impressed by your willpower, in any event, because the temptation to post the first thing that comes into one's head is a temptation too far for many people.

Anyway, I've been loitering for a while, waiting to pounce, but all seems very still and quiet (just as I like it, really).

So....Happy New Year to you, Boris. My make-up days are long gone, too. Just saying.

Kind regards etc.....


Boris said...


I've not really stopped as such, just a very long break. Realising that people might actually read my blog has made me think I must write something. So watch this space.