Friday, 11 May 2007


How has #1 managed to become so plummy?

The other day I was giving him a lift to the school bus on my way to work.

Me - Would you like to go to school today, or (trying to make it sound exciting)would you like to come to work with me instead?

#1 - School

Me- So you like school now then?

#1 - No, but given the choice between comming to work with you and sitting in a corner being quiet while you go into stupid meetings OR (big breath) going to school, I think I should rather go to school.

Me -Oh (laughing)

#1 - Why are you laaafing at me!!!


Ms Melancholy said...

Oh dear Boris. You don't happen to live in a small portion of the Home Counties that has been transported up north, do you? Send him for elocution lessons. With a farmer. It's good for him, you know it is.

Boris said...

Hi Ms M, Actually I think I do. There was a large influx of southerners when they opened the "House of Fun" in Leeds some years ago. As I live in Sleepy Hollow at the end of the railway line, it was the obvious place for "them" to congregate.

Unfortunately, all the farmers round here are posh (Range Rover types don't cha know). So what can you do?